Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, honestly. Sometimes…

Sometimes none of your projects are working. All at the same time.

This one — well, I lost the notes for the first sock, and I didn't follow the pattern at all, so I've had to re-engineer sock #1 (knit 4 years ago) as I go. And I'm lazy.

This one looks done, but actually I knit two different lengths so I could find out which one fit the recipient. Alas, the one with the lifeline is the one that fits. So I just have to thread through some needles and rip back and lengthen the one on top. And I'm lazy.

One project I can't find at the moment.

One (unphotographed) piece is off by one stitch, and I need to figure out why.

So is this one.

One (also unphotographed) needs a whole bunch of math before I start the arms.

There's nothing actually wrong with this one, but you know how lace is -- you just can't work on it during all activities. And frankly, it'll look like a pile of purple vomit until it's done.

So. You know how it is. I cast on this:

Frankly I don't think the color combo's working that well.