Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why I'm casting on for the 14th project.

Shall we review?

Nothing wrong with the socks on the top left. They are my go-to project for waiting room knitting and I'm in the waiting room at least once a week (allergy shots), so I always keep some socks going.

The little corgi is all knitted — it just needs seams. Seams & seams & seams. It's tiny, it's fiddly, and I hate it. I started it several years ago for a corgi-loving friend. I love her dearly, so someday I will finish this, but. Ugh.

The Joanie pullover needs to be ripped back by 1/3 and redone with different measurements.

I ran out of yarn and heart for the cotton reels mitts. I like the pattern but need to not do it with scrap yarn. So it just needs to be ripped, but I haven't gotten around to it.

The Jaywalkers are actually missing. I'll finish them if I ever find them.

The catkin stole is a tangled mess.

The Noro bag requires yarn lengths to be separated out, clipped and sorted.

The Ljod cardi is beautiful but I'm knitting it in too large a size (same with the Mariner) and should probably rip everything. Er.

The Vandyke Cardi I was designing as I went, and I got lazy.

I've lost my pattern notes for Rob's socks.

I need to do a lot of careful math for Rob's gansey.

The pattern for Elinor's Spring Garden Cardi is full of errors, and there have been no errata published, so I will need to rewrite the pattern for the arms and armholes. Lazy.

And I need a beige cardigan for work. I really do.

Am I excused? ;-)