Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glove love!

I think I've fallen in love with knitting gloves. Even more fun than socks! Fast, so you get that instant gratification thing. And so clever. I'm making the gloves from the 'red section' of the latest Vogue Knitting. I think they look even better in the sheeny grey of Sundara's "Lenten Rose" than they did in the mag in red:

The puppeteer effect is because I, personally, have very short fingers and I, personally, live in San Diego, where gloves are rarely required. So these are going to end up as gifts for someone who lives a bit more north, and has more normal-sized hands. I knit them with slightly long fingers, and I'm going to ask a local friend with a normal hand size to try them on; then I'll adjust the fingers as needed before sending them off.

These are really satisfying to knit (I'm partway through glove #2), and I heartily recommend the pattern. This issue of VK, as I mentioned, and the previous one both have things I'd want to knit, which is really, really weird. BTW the Vogue Knitting site has a video preview of this issue in case you want to see if you want to bother buying it.

Note that I haven't fixed my missing-stitch star yet. I am resolutely ignoring it. Don't worry, I'll fix it eventually. But glove love has me fixated for the moment.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Argghity argh argh argh

Okay, it's not that bad. But I knit 22 stockinette rows past the last row of lace on the first set of stars on the Star Light, Star Bright blanket and only now do I realize that one star ended with only 20, rather than 21, stitches. Oops.

You can't tell anything at all from that photo, especially since it doesn't show the part of the blanket that has the missing stitch. Well, 22 missing stitches, since I'm short every row of the stockinette section.

I could just leave it and no one would notice (just increase one row before starting the next star), but it bugs me, so I'll probably rip back just this section and see if I have enough slack yarn to fix it. I bet I do. I'm a loose knitter and hey, it'll even out in the blocking, right?

Let's hope ...

Of course I got furious and picked up a new project instead. I mean, this realization happened halfway through a DVD episode of Bones! What was I expected to do? Can't get through a TV show without knitting!

I'm knitting the Lace Panel Gloves from the latest Vogue Knitting, in some Sundara Sock in Lenten Rose (a gorgeous luminous pinky-grey). I don't know what's going on with VK and Interweave Knits, but the last three issues of VK had things I actually wanted to knit, and the last three issues of IK didn't. If that's not one of the seven signs I don't know what is.