Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Argghity argh argh argh

Okay, it's not that bad. But I knit 22 stockinette rows past the last row of lace on the first set of stars on the Star Light, Star Bright blanket and only now do I realize that one star ended with only 20, rather than 21, stitches. Oops.

You can't tell anything at all from that photo, especially since it doesn't show the part of the blanket that has the missing stitch. Well, 22 missing stitches, since I'm short every row of the stockinette section.

I could just leave it and no one would notice (just increase one row before starting the next star), but it bugs me, so I'll probably rip back just this section and see if I have enough slack yarn to fix it. I bet I do. I'm a loose knitter and hey, it'll even out in the blocking, right?

Let's hope ...

Of course I got furious and picked up a new project instead. I mean, this realization happened halfway through a DVD episode of Bones! What was I expected to do? Can't get through a TV show without knitting!

I'm knitting the Lace Panel Gloves from the latest Vogue Knitting, in some Sundara Sock in Lenten Rose (a gorgeous luminous pinky-grey). I don't know what's going on with VK and Interweave Knits, but the last three issues of VK had things I actually wanted to knit, and the last three issues of IK didn't. If that's not one of the seven signs I don't know what is.


.: tani :. said...

i've been so un-entralled with vk that i haven't even pick up the magazine for months! maybe i should take a peek again.

JustJen said...

Doesn't matter whether it's VK or IK, I find knittable stuff in the fall/winter issues, and wonder why I bothered with the spring/summer.

About your stars... can you drop down and wriggle the missing stitches in as you come back up the rows, instead of the entire star's worth of stitches? (And yes, I do truly believe it'll even out in the blocking!)

Anonymous said...

I'd do the same thing with the stars and I do think it'll even out in the blocking.

Of course you can't watch t.v. without knitting; you HAD to start a new project :-)

Earin Marybird said...

I HATE when that happens. You know no one will notice but...You have to go back and fix it.