Saturday, July 18, 2009

Okay but you have to admit they are ridiculously cute.

I did get distracted. Now I have more WIPs than before. I am naughty, but I'm using the excuse that I needed distraction as I healed from my second sinus surgery (which was last Monday, and went fine -- ~6 months for full effects, though, so I can't say if it worked or not yet).

First there were these — Ysolda's "Tiny Shoes" from her first book of patterns (a darling little book which you should pick up, it's full of cute little somethings):

They only qualify as 95% done because I don't have buttons that fit them yet, and they're not blocked. But they are to be a gift for a coworker who recently had a baby girl. They took very little leftover sock yarn — they seem a great way to use such scraps up.

But another coworker had a baby boy recently, too, so I had to knit these — Yarn Hugger's Sneaker Booties.

I'm just about done, though I might do some fooling around with i-cord laces. Seriously, aren't these hilarious? I knit them out of acrylic yarn so they won't block — I may have to do another pair out of wool. They make me laugh every time I look at them. (Another pair I have to try are Xalleykatx's Converse Booties.)

And that wasn't enough. A very dear old friend had a baby boy a couple of months ago (I'm a slacker) and he warrants a Star Light Star Bright baby blanket (of wonderful Sandnes Lanett Superwash). I admit my friend Sandi was an inspiration on this pattern choice — she's knitting it too right now. It's going slowly because it's fingering weight, but it'll be lovely when finished.

And I haven't forgotten my brown socks! I've been knitting dutifully on them, after having to frog the entire gusset because I messed up the decreases. But they are not far from on my feet! (Well, in this 95-degree heat maybe they ARE pretty far from on my feet.)

What are you all up to?


JustJen said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! You almost make me wish I had babies to knit for! Those are some cute footies!


Those blue booties are a hoot; I can imagine what the Converse would look like!

Sinus surgery, huh? Hope it helps. I know you have suffered from infections for a long time.

Earin Marybird said...

This is perfect! I have a friend with a new baby boy and have been looking for something special to knit. So darling!

Good to have you up and blogging.

Julie said...

What cute little booties! The little yellow ones are so sweet and the sneakers are very cool. Clover received a pair of converse booties that were crocheted - they were so much fun; she got a lot of wear out of them :-)

I have been slacking in my knitting this past week. It doesn't help that I had to frog most of a sock after turning the heel because I noticed a mistake in the first patterning row!

Kelly said...

The booties are so freakin' cute! I'm glad everything went well with your surgery. I was in surgery in May and I do remember getting a lot of knitting done too.

trek said...

Gosh, those sneaker booties are adorable.