Sunday, September 09, 2012

What's your knit?

What kind of knitting do you like best?

Over the last six years of knitting, I've learned that I love cables, and I like lace (but not, yet, in laceweight yarn). I like ribbing, too, and eyelets and fagoting.

I don't like colorwork much yet, probably because I'm still fairly lousy at Fairisle, and I hate the twisting involved in intarsia. Mosaic is just 'ok'.

And stripes.

I hate stripes.

Now, this isn't because I hate weaving in ends. I don't. I actually find it comforting and calming, and if I really want to avoid it there are often ways to do that. But when the edge is going to show, you do not want to carry the yarn up, and sometimes even when it won't, that will add bulk in the wrong place. So you have to clip. And I think my hatred of stripes is really a hatred of being tickled, because what I don't like about stripes…

… are all those darned tickly, wiggly, iggly bits of yarn that tickle my arm and knee while I'm knitting.

Really I'm just silly.
 *keeps knitting*

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I am really not enjoying sewing up this dadburned corgi.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Whew - almost had two posts in a month there!

Missed it by [<- this ->] much... ;-)

Managed to finish up these little fingerless gloves. It's a good basic pattern, though it doesn't have gusseted thumbs, which I prefer. But it's easy and straightforward. I knit double-length cuffs and fingers for warmth, as these are for a friend who has autoimmune problems and a lot of hand pain at times.

This is Phildar Preface, a basic jeans-color sock yarn, for the trim and Mini Mochi for the body of the gloves. I used the same skein for both gloves, as I thought it would be fun to get different parts of the long colorway, and one is much lighter than the other. To me it looks like sunrise and sunset. I love it.

So of course I can't resist having 15 projects going at once, so I cast on for another — I started a baby sweater for Rob's cousin's new son. No photos yet, but the baby blanket I was blocking a few weeks back is now in the arms of its new owners, so here are some photos of that — I am really happy with it even though it took me literally YEARS and lots of frogging:

(Sorry I forgot to rotate that last photo and I'm too lazy to fix it :-) )

Hope you're all having a good summer. It's still hot here!