Saturday, September 01, 2012

Whew - almost had two posts in a month there!

Missed it by [<- this ->] much... ;-)

Managed to finish up these little fingerless gloves. It's a good basic pattern, though it doesn't have gusseted thumbs, which I prefer. But it's easy and straightforward. I knit double-length cuffs and fingers for warmth, as these are for a friend who has autoimmune problems and a lot of hand pain at times.

This is Phildar Preface, a basic jeans-color sock yarn, for the trim and Mini Mochi for the body of the gloves. I used the same skein for both gloves, as I thought it would be fun to get different parts of the long colorway, and one is much lighter than the other. To me it looks like sunrise and sunset. I love it.

So of course I can't resist having 15 projects going at once, so I cast on for another — I started a baby sweater for Rob's cousin's new son. No photos yet, but the baby blanket I was blocking a few weeks back is now in the arms of its new owners, so here are some photos of that — I am really happy with it even though it took me literally YEARS and lots of frogging:

(Sorry I forgot to rotate that last photo and I'm too lazy to fix it :-) )

Hope you're all having a good summer. It's still hot here!

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jae said...

trust me, I know all about projects taking years! Good job you finished it on