Sunday, February 17, 2008

I got bonus germs!

Sorry I vanished again. I got the flu, and then a bacterial infection, and then I had a weeklong training in Advanced Mediation at NCRC. Which was Teh Cool. The class, I mean, not the flu. But anyway, I have actually been doing some knitting! And here 'tis.

Remember that supposed beret I was knitting, the one that kind of looked like a beanie? And did I mention I thought I was going to run out of yarn?

I didn't, but I had to unravel my gauge swatch to do it. It took very close to a whole skein of Sundara worsted merino (but man, any excuse to knit with her yarn!). And it sure did look like a beanie when I finished. Here are the two sides (it's reversible), prior to blocking on a plate as instructed:

I took a deep breath and blocked. And guess what? It's a beret!

(the plate I used had a ridge in it. Oops.)

It's not quite right — even with the smaller needles, I think it needs elastic pulled through the rim to stay on the head. And it's REALLY floppy. It looks better on Rob than on me. I'll try to get photos of it on both of us, just for fun, soon.

There are more knitted things to talk about, but I'll save that for a day or so. I'm still on Augmentin for a couple more weeks, so I run out of steam fast. But hey! I am alive! And if you want some germs I know where to find them!


trek said...

I've been lax on the bloglines and just read your post - yeah two weeks late.

Glad you are feeling better. Strep and stomach virus nave been circling us like vultures on the parkway so I really feel for you!

Cute beret.

Earin Marybird said...

Whatever you have has made it over to me. I'm finally getting to visit a dear friend in Phoenix and I'm sick! And accident prone (as in hot coffee grounds in my face, falling off my motorcycle - not as bad as it sounds, and a few other things). I am glad you are getting better and your beanie looks great. A little elastic works wonders!

Wendy said...

That last pic makes me think you need a mohel. ;)


(In all seriousness, I love the color and the lovely subtle texture.)

jae said...

oh wow! its a beret....the plate was a great idea. Get well soon