Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled cardigan...

I mean, really. I should have this thing done by now. All that's left to knit is the upper right front and the button bands! And I started it last August!

I love this cardi. I have no idea why I'm taking so long over it. It's lovely alpaca-tencel yarn that April gave me and the pattern is great. But, I've been a slug. I got back to it at last this week.

Then there is this:
It's going to be a baby cardi, along the lines of my Little Star, only without the stars. Except when I tried to assemble it a couple days ago, I somehow sewed an arm on sideways. I should have taken a picture. Anyway, I pulled that out and will start over when I have had more coffee/brains/sleep. :-)

Thanks for the various "get well" wishes that have been filtering in. I'm done with the month of antibiotics, but I'm still sinus-y and sore throat-y and losing my voice frequently. That's now officially been going on since September and is not news. I get to have a CT scan in a couple of weeks, though -- that'll be fun. Anyway, I'm more cheery, even if I'm still snorting a lot. SO attractive.

And how are you?

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Melinda said...

Why, I'm just fine, thanks. Sorry to hear about your ongoing snortiness, and about the tragic sewing error. Oops. I find scarves and plain socks are about the best I can do when I'm sick.