Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

I haven't been idle. We've had three sets of house guests, and entertained lots of other out-of-town and in-town guests as well. We celebrated Rob's birthday, went to my mom's for Hanukah, had a houseful over for Christmas pizza-making, and threw a New Year's party. I baked holiday cookies, pizza dough and bread. And I even did a little knitting — with mixed results.

I finished all the pieces of Rob's pullover, with a few yards of yarn to spare. But when I sewed in one sleeve and had him try it on, the dratted arms are still about 2" too short. And no, I do not in my wildest dreams have enough yarn left to make them longer. They are also too narrow. (Sorry, I was too disappointed to take a photo. Though it would have been funny. But sad.)

In retrospect I should have made the next size up, because the body is snug (but manageable). But I had more than enough yardage according to the pattern for the size I made, so I think it's one of those "we did our best at calculating yarn use for the other sizes" situations.

I couldn't find anyone who was selling the right dye lot on Ravelry, but I sent a message to one gal who has two skeins of a different lot for sale. Maybe I can alternate rows when I reknit the sleeves and kind of blend it, if it's not too different. The sleeves are so tight they will have to be reknit from the wrist, anyway. Remember how I already knit four sleeves for this sweater? Darn thing is cursed!

So I'm distracting myself. I owe a small friend of mine (who is nearly 3) a purple sweater. I'm making Briar Rose from Knitty, using some Magic Buttons yarn (lovely stuff that I've used in the past for kid's items). Here's a shot of the back:

I started it Dec. 30. I know that's crazy when I had house guests arriving AND a party to throw on Dec. 31, but I wanted something easy to knit while we had company, and it worked. I'm nearly done with the back and 1/4 way up the front!

Edited to add: Okay, I'm very amused by all the guesses about the colored dots above. I'm going to put all the folks who guess in a hat and pick one to win a copy of a new knitting magazine.


Becky said...

Is that rainbow sherbet in the top picture?

Thanks for hosting us, we had such a great time!

Earin Marybird said...

The thing I like about sewing is that it's faster and you can try it on and adjust. That said, for me it's somehow not as connected as knitting though I like both so much. Good luck with the yarn for Rob's sweater. I hate running out of yarn. It's much nicer to have a pile of extra skeins

Johanna said...

Yeah, what is that picture? It looks like what happens when I make cupcakes, I always go overboard with the food colouring.

trek said...

Looks like various colors of frosting from working on sugar cookies or a gingerbread house to me.

Love the speckles in the purple yarn.