Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free yarn!

EDITED TO ADD: Juli has won the yarn! But there will be more to come, I am sure.

I'm going through some of my stash and deciding to part with things I know I'll never get around to knitting with. This Berroco Mohair Classic is a case in point. I have four skeins of a merlot color, one of a just-off-white.

This is heavy worsted weight; label says it should get 4spi and 5rpi using 5.5mm (US 9) needles. Each skein is 43g and 85 m (1.5 oz and 93 yds). I think this should be enough for a scarf with occasional creamy stripes, or a pair of mittens and change, or some other accessory. Makeup is 78% mohair, 13% wool and 9% nylon.

Would you like it?

If you would, leave a comment saying what you think you'd probably use this for, and I'll put all the names received by Wednesday morning in a hat and draw a winner.

I'm doing a bunch of knitting, but it's mostly boring. I am working on the brown stockinette portion of a pullover and brown ribbing for a sock, neither of which I'm going to bother showing you because they are very similar to past photos :-) I am making pretty good progress on Rob's sock #1, at last, though, and it's semi-photogenic (although you can see what a slob I am. There are magazines and lemongrass all over my kitchen table):

I'm also close to starting the heel on my not-quite-Reversai sock #2. This picture is great because you can really see the three-dimensional quality of the pattern:

As you can see, I now have SIXTEEN WPIs listed in the right-hand sidebar. I am determined to finish at least a couple of these before casting on again — but man, it's hard to resist!


Becky said...

I don't think I want that mohair (it's a bit heavy for the mohair project I have in mind), but I am delighted by the photo. It looks like the off-white skein is invisible or transparent against the gray background. I'd knit with invisible yarn! Or at least, I'd try.

Juli said...

Ooh, aren't you sweet! Please toss my name in the hat. I have 4 skeins of that exact same yarn in a lovely gray. I started knitting it into:

but I've gotten a bit distracted. I'd love to have more of the same yarn to knit up one of these scarves:

That Reversai sock pattern is gorgeous. I'm still working my way up to the whole hat, mitten, sock thing. I might try out a hat tonight when I get home.

meow0000 said...

i love the color i would knit up a pair of socks for my loving daughter

Anonymous said... I really like those colors!!! My sister's been wanting an afghan for soo long! This would be a great way to thank her for being my best friend and my guardian angel!

Trent A. Ingram said...

i love those colors, they would be perfect for the beanie im planning on making for my mom for christmas! that mohair yarn is her favorite color too! last year all i could get her was a chainmail bracelet that i made out of some scrap wire from a project i was doing... (i was helping my father install some more outlets in the basement) my e-mail is
so if i win, feel free to e-mail me please!