Monday, November 16, 2009

Pre-adjustment "Hey, Teach!"

Just so you can see what it looks like pre-adjustments:

I'm wide, but not quite that wide at that spot. And you know how it is — you never want to look wider than you are; as wide as you are is PLENTY. So I think I'm going to try a ribbon through the ribbing (need to go buy some fabric ribbon first) as some of you suggested. And I'm definitely going to redo the buttonhole band. Somehow, even though I count the same # of rows on the left and the right fronts, I ended up having WAY too many stitches on the buttonhole band. And I tried cutting it down, but did the math wrong -- so it's still more stitches on the buttonhole band than the button band. That's only part of why it's gapping, but still -- having them the same would help. Then I might put some hooks on the back of the buttonhole band in between the buttons, to help smooth out the connection.

Yeah, I know I have one more button to sew on. I'm lazy.


Earin Marybird said...

Buttonbands are HARD. Otherwise, it is gorgeous. I'm tempted, really tempted to make one for myself. You look so good in it!

trek said...

I think it is cool to have a before and after set of pictures. So often, I forget the befores and then the afters are not nearly as satisfying :o(

jae said...

yeees this did turn out great...i am sure you'll figure out the button band thing. he hooks in between should fix the gaping or you can just add more button holes between the ones you have. this is a great length and the lacy bit on top is a really nice design on you.