Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here I seem to be again.

I know no one's reading this. But for some reason, maybe because of endless unresolvable stressors in my head doing an incessant tramp through my brain cells, I'm feeling the urge to blog again.

I've got the habit of having a number of things on my needles at once, but right now it's out of hand. I'm fighting the urge to cast on yet again. Let's review a few of the items on my Ravelry list, shall we?

The Vandyke cardigan was a design I was making based on the pretty Vandyke lace stitch. But making a design takes thinking, dontcha know. Plus a healthy dose of having an idea. So a partial front panel and some notes on index cards it remains.

The Catkin Stole is part of a KnitPicks Estonian lace kit. Which is great, but I don't know why I picked the ugly pink stole to start with, because all I really wanted to knit was the lavender-grey wrap.

The Noro bag is going to be beautiful if I ever get back in the mood to work on it.

Bear Tracks. WHY IS THIS NOT FINISHED?  All it needs is having the ears sewn on!?!?
Honestly. I'm seriously finishing that this weekend. Even though it hasn't got a recipient planned out.

I'm ripping back the Airplane Socks. Or sock. Or really just part of a leg. It was only to entertain me on one airplane trip, and it turns out to be the circumference of my thighs rather than my leg. So.

The @#$(*@*#$(#@!(@#@*!(!! Corgi needs to be sewn together. SEWN. I'm a knitter, people. I hate sewing. So yes, this stupid tiny thing is going to take me years to finish because I hate it with all the hate of hating.

Ysolda's Cotton Reels mitts is a great pattern. I was using it to try to use up some sock scraps and practice my colorwork. Unfortunately, I was going to run out of yarn in the middle of the first mitt, so I stopped. I thought maybe I'd find some friendly similar colors for the next one, but the project just wasn't compelling enough without yarn I was in love with. I probably need to start over with colors that make me happy. Reality: I'm never going to use up my sock scraps.

I'll stop here and give you a chance to digest before I go on with the excitement of my UFOs. I'm determined to either finish or rip the lot of them sometime in 2014. You heard it here first, folks.

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