Thursday, June 14, 2007

Woo! I feel like I won a prize.

Now, you'll think that's a surprising thing to say when I'll also tell you that the work situation is Still Totally Up in the Air. We'll get a tentative new org chart around July 5. Meanwhile? No news. Still not even the slightest clue where I'll fit into the new org.

But, you see, I've got my Knitters' Tea Swap package from Julie at Stoneview. And boy was it cheering! Look at all these parcels...

First of all, WOW. I did see these honeys of handmade tea towels on Julie's blog.
I did not guess they were for ME. memememememe.
They are so, so, so cute.
And she sewed them.
And then, ya know, embroidered them.
Wow. This is why I feel like I won a prize.

Damn, they are cute.

But wait! There's more!

Inside this unassuming burlap bag was a spotted leopard.

Spotted Leopard tea, to be exact. From Julie's town, and what a selection!This is Out of Africa, an amazing-smelling blend of coconut, chocolate, vanilla, rooibos and black tea, Crazy Coconut black tea, Chubby Cherub apple/mango herbal blend, Blue Moon blueberry/mixed berry blend, Tsavo Citrus mixed citrus green tea, and Apple Matunda apple green. Oh, man. These are all my favorite. I love me a good flavored black tea, love fruit teas, love citrus green, love apple green. I'm already in heaven. If that weren't enough, Julie included little single-use teabags to steep these all in.

These darling things are handmade origami bookmarks by Julie. They fix onto the corner of a book to keep your place, and what a lovely way to do it.

Julie has a tutorial on making these on her blog, in case you like papercraft. (A.I-C., you must check out her blog!!)

Since I have entered the UCSD Library Summer Reading Contest, I'll be using these! (You can see from her blog that Julie, like me, is a bibliophile.)

Last but definitely not least, there are yummy Ginger Chews, Forever Jacquard sock yarn in great neutrals (y'all know how I love my neutrals) and some hand-spun "mostly cotswold" from Spencer Brook Farm in Concord MA (where I've spent many a happy vacation day browsing around the Alcott cottage).

I guess I should start knitting again. But perhaps I'll brew some tea first.


Christine said...

WTF?! All of that and now you have to just chilax? Let's just sunbathe the rest of the month out on the Sun God lawn. (Well something that wasteful and protesty, but without the cancer and freckling).

Thanks for the tip on the blog. You deserved to get a nice package today and yesterday and the day before that :). I am just starting some embroidery projects and am doing the summer reading contest too. The tea towels and origami book marks were inspiring!

Julie said...

Oh yay, I'm so glad it all arrived safely. The postmaster said she'd take it if you didn't like it *lol*. I always leave my boxes open til I get there now as she likes to see what handmade stuff is being shipped now and if it's something edible I usually bring her a sample as well. It's a teensy little post office and she's in there alone all day so I think she enjoys making friends with her customers. Can't wait to hear what you think of the tea since I've only tried Safari Chai so far.

skhpottery said...

Neat! I stopped in the middle of your post to go and make a corner. :)

Anonymous said...

Those tea towels are mucho cute! Such wonderful goodies you got....must have totally made your day :)


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic gift package!

Lisa L said...

Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I'm going to go try one right now!