Friday, July 27, 2007

A little... crochet?

Yup. I haven't crocheted in over a year — pretty odd after a lifetime of it! — that's how taken in I have been by the knitting. But when you want to make your mother-in-law a replacement water-bottle holder (replacing the one she left behind at the Wild Animal Park) and you want it to be both fast and strong (and you don't have a machine that will felt), you crochet. I used one 50-gm skein of Trendsetter Scoubi Du (50% cotton/50% acrylic) — about 95 yards, and used probably all but 2 yards. I rarely crochet to a pattern; this was made up as I went along. I made it large enough to fit a big bottle, but it's posing with a coffee cup in it at the moment.

Little commercial here, but it's warranted: all you spinners and needle-felters, get your butts over to my friend Fuzzarelly's Etsy shop... she has got the most gorgeous merino, silk and angora batts! The purple and gold is out of this world, it makes me want to learn to spin. I think the angora is from her own bunnies. I'm sadly allergic to angora, but man it is soft stuff to pet. So go get some of your own to stroke!


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That's a great bottle holder.