Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oops. I really have been knitting.

I just haven't been blogging all that much, nor being very regular about reading/commenting on y'all's blogs. Sorry about that. The new job is pretty full on at the moment, because there are so many transition activities on top of the new stuff, and we're still trying to squeeze out some time with my mother-in-law, whose visit is nearing an end. She leaves Saturday! It's hard to believe we've spent three months together. Though it'll be nice to have the house back to ourselves, I'll miss Verna. She is a sweetie.

Anyway, so yes, I have been knitting. I finished my mom's socks, but they are looking a bit dilapidated, owing to the fact that they're both (even the second one, which I made longer) too short, and have to be re-toed.

And I have made lots of progress on some socks for Verna! She is pretty excited at the idea of custom socks. She wanted fairly loose and roomy socks, while I like my socks snug, so even though I wear a US 9C and she wears about a 7 1/2 B, her socks are also 56-stitch-ers, they do not have any ribbing on the foot (that felt too tight to her), they have a cuff designed to be fairly loose, and they are longer than mine.

It was my brother's 40th birthday on Monday, and we did a lot of celebrating this weekend, including a family lunch at my parents' house and a dinner at a restaurant on Monday night. And on Sunday, we went on a V.I.P. tour at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was pretty cool! We saw some great animals, including these beauties:

Next, I hope to finish the Jo Sharp pillow (abandoned in the heat, about 40% done) and make ME some more socks from the last full Fixation balls in my stash:


Kelly said...

Great to see that your knitting something throughout all the busy-ness that is life.

trek said...

Good pictures!

Earin Marybird said...

How did you get a VIP tour? I am so envious. I love the San Diego Zoo. Just a marvelous place.

I was waiting for a friend yesterday at the Sacramento Airport and he said he just looked for the bright yellow yarn that I had mentioned. How can people just *sit* and do nothing at airports she wonders...

.: tani :. said...

how cool! vip treatment! despite the fun it sounds like you're having, i hope you find time for knitting, too. :) sometimes i have to force myself (and so worth it!) to knit just a bit to remind me that i need to take time for myself, too!