Saturday, October 20, 2007


I am still working on Khaki Cables. I finished one arm — won't know if I'm REALLY finished with it until I baste things together and try it on, because I still don't know about the length — and started the next. When I finish that, it's just one front, collar/button band and assembly.

But today, I fixed our sofa. There's no before and after shot, but what I did (with Rob's help) was to turn the sofa over, pull the staples out, take off the lining and check the springs; Rob helped me tighten one of them which was loose. Then I took the foam out of the seat cushions, went to an industrial foam source and got new foam and batting, went home, wrapped the new foam in batting, and stuck it in the cushion covers. It feels like a brand new sofa. My bottom is VERY HAPPY. This is the sofa that I basically live on (I'm on it now), and it had gotten so bad that I got a bruise when I sat down a bit too hard a couple weeks ago and landed on the edge board. So, happy happy happy!

If you've never replaced your own cushions (this is the third time I've done it in my life, with various sofas), know that foam is not cheap. It cost me $115 to refoam a 6-ft run of cushions. That's a lot less than a new sofa, of course! Also (I learned this long ago) do not ask for extra-firm foam. You'll feel like you're sitting on rock. Take the old cushion and try to get its firmness matched, or go up or down just one level.

Anyway: in knitting news, I've been trying to learn to fair-isle. Check it out! Okay, it's ugly, but at least I'm trying.

I'm trying it two ways, in fact: with the background yarn in my right hand and the foreground yarn in my left, and with both yarns in my left. I'm about as (un)proficient each way. As you can see, my tension is very uneven and the end result is lumpy, but I figure if I just keep at it I'll eventually get a 'feel' for it and it'll smooth out.

Many of you have asked about the little gardenia twig. A little love is a marvellous thing:

All your kind wishes must be helping. You have to understand that these leaves are smaller than your smallest fingernail, but I'm all for progress, however small.

Further on the learning front, I start the mediation credentialing program on Weds. night! I'm excited, though a little worried about all my commitments :-) .

Can't help posting one more picture of the pineapple lily. It's so radiant.


Christine said...

Did you visit UFO by chance? They have helped my bottom out too :). Awesome pineapple lily!

Earin Marybird said...

I so envy you your tropical plants. I spent four years of my childhood in Panama and I certainly bonded to the lush tropical environment. The PL is so glorious! Yea for the little twig that could!

I used to love the extra firm foam, I slept on it for years when I was single, but now it feels like a board (it's what we have in the RV). We were just discussing redoing the dining room chairs so you've given me good advice.

I like your fair-isle attempts. You just have to practice (and blog all the tips so I'll have an easier time of it when I try!).

As to your comment: yes, my mother has been moved and it's all gone so much better than I had hoped. She likes her new place and the staff is wonderful with her.