Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not all I'd hoped

At first glance, it looks cute, but there are some problems.

For one thing, I miscalculated about where the top of the shoulder should hit on the side with the button-on shoulder, so the sleeve is sort of shifted compared to the other sleeve.

For another thing, it just doesn't look even in several ways. If you eye the single-crocheted collar, you'll see the line of knitting underneath looks significantly different on the left and right sides, though I did try to do matching decreases.

And finally, what you can't see: the seams are a bit bulky for a baby (this is a problem with virtually all handknits for babies, though) plus the cloth didn't come out as soft as advertised. It is drapey, though — would make a great adult woman's top. But for a baby, next to the skin, it's OK, but not as fab as I'd hoped. That would be okay but this is a T-shirt, not a sweater, so those seams might itch.

So this is going to marinate in the FO bag for a while, and I'll think about what to do with it. This yarn is really not reusable after you rip it, so hopefully it'll be wearable.

Meanwhile, I have enough Katia Irina left for a second baby's top. I think this time I'll do a henley-buttoned, top-down raglan; that'll take care of the seam problem, and make it more actually wearable.



As we used to say in the stage costume biz, you can't see the errors on a galloping horse from fifty yards away. It looks fine to me.

It was a good learning experience and if you really hate it, donate it!

Nancy aka fuzarelly

Christine said...

I love the yarn you used. FWIW, the seams might not be as problematic as you'd think. Most babies live in onesies which are super thin cotton and tight enough you could easily still wear this t-shirt over it. For one thing, babies need clothes changes so often that the under garment keeps you from having to strip them all the way down (extra uncomfortable for them in winter). Don't underestimate what a great addition your t-shirt would make to some baby's wardrobe :)!

Earin Marybird said...

Interesting. I am always learning stuff from you. : - )I stopped 90% through making a little Vogue knitted vest because the seams were so bulky. I figured I had done something wrong. Remember, you are being super critical because you made it and Christine makes an great point.