Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I finished ALL my WIPs!

.... er ....
April Fool... ;-)

Instead, I'm actually home for my third day of relapse of the bug from hell. But I did get a little knitting done, and I got some postal service cheering-up from Webs. I just cannot resist their overstocks page — though in my defense I must say I ordered this stuff before I catalogued my stash (now bigger!) on Ravelry.

First, there was some lovely di.VĂ© Zenith (weird company name, but nice yarn) for a couple of iterations (assuming I like the pattern after I've made one) of Trellis from Knitty. Still a lot of babies to knit for, at least that was my justification — before I realized I had a HUGE plastic crate of knitting yarns bought specifically for babies. Oh well.

Then there was this cute stuff for a new Very Berry T from MagKnits for Carson — I made her one last summer which she quickly outgrew!

Finally there is this Tahki Bunny Print, so soft and so incredibly pretty, for a Interweave Knits Drop-Stitch Cardigan (Amy King design) for meeeeee.

But I'm not forgetting the finishing; I am nearly, nearly done with my striped pullover (from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms, quite a nice collection by Louisa Harding) for my cousin Maya's baby. I love the unmatching stripes of the sleeves and body. It's so close you can almost wear it.

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Kelly said...

I checked out the Webs sale yesterday too and was tempted to purchase the entire sale catalogue, but I controlled myself (you know why). Still, Cascade 220 at $4.89 is such a good bargain. Maybe I should reconsider...