Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I'm up to...

You might be wondering what happened to Rob's pullover, a.k.a. the Secret Yarnination. Well, I got to where I had to unravel the first of the three sleeves (the one that was too short) and when I did, the yarn was, well... "kinky" is probably too gentle a word for it. "Permanently molded into stockinette" is what I'd call it.

I used my swift to wind it into a skein, which I carefully tied and took off the switft. Then I hung it up on a ladder in the garage, using a bag full of soda pop to weight the skein down:

That yellow bag on the blue hanger is full of soda pop. :-) The yarn is that magenta skein on the pink hanger.

Then I sprayed it at intervals with water in a spray bottle, and let it hang for a few days... took it down and wound up a ball from my newly straightened yarn.

I wish I'd taken a 'before' picture, but you can kind of tell what it used to look like by the little piglet-tail there, the bit that never got weighted down.

So soon, soon, I'll return to / finish the Spartan Pullover!

Meanwhile, I've been knitting like crazy on that little green baby cardi I showed you last time. And my mother-in-law arrives on Saturday morning for her 2-month stay! We'll go pick her up from Los Angeles, leaving at 4 in the morning (ew).

In sadder news, I slammed my US #5 Addi Turbo in a car door.

It was bent at a 90° angle when it first happened. I straightened it out; it works okay, but it's a little rough. I need to polish it up with some jeweler's rouge or something. It'll probably break at some point, but for now, I can still knit. Whew!


Earin Marybird said...

Your poor, poor turbo. That looks like it hurt.

Love the yarn You.Will.Be.Straight.Again! photos. The yarn can look like and Afro beforehand. I've seen all sorts of arrangements. We knitters are a clever lot.

2 months of MIL. Hmmm.

Ps. How is Laila doing?


So Sad about the Addis!

But knitters forge forward - to quote the latest Interweave Knits.

The mil is from Australia, right? A place I would dearly love to visit.

Anonymous said...

Love the piglet tail there!

Poor Addi's... but hey, at least it still works for now!

Becky said...

That's some springy yarn! At least you know it's got great memory.

I'm also posting because of the "Hey, Look, I figured out how to access my actual Blogger account!" excitement.

jae said...

that is sad that you slammed addi into car door but looks like you have made peace with it...knit on!