Monday, June 09, 2008


I ordered some wonderful thangs from the Terrible YoYo's Etsy shop last week. One item I can't show because it's a gift, but here's most of what showed up on my doorstep:

The key point here is that the only thing I ordered in this picture was the beautiful yarn. The rest was little goodies sent by Alyson to help cheer my surgical recovery. What a sweetie! There is chocolate-scented cocoa-butter-and-beeswax body balm... absolutely STUNNING stitch markers (like fine jewelry!)... a lavender sachet (the better to protect my hand knits, of course)... and, to top it all off, Devil Duckie tissues ("Just in case," Alyson said). Anyone who's been in my house knows I am a big Devil Duckie fan, so these were perfect.

Anyway, Alyson is Da Bomb, so go to her Etsy store and order the heck out of her stuff :-)

And so was the yarn. I had vaguely thought, from the photo on the Web site, that it might coordinate with the Sundara Yarn in Cantaloupe I'd bought a year ago. And yes, they coordinate beautifully.

Not only that, they knit up to the same gauge (should be 6 spi with US #5s, but since it's sloppy ol' me, it's 5 spi with US #4s) and they look lovely and subtle together...

I only had 450 yards of the Cantaloupe. Now I have a total of 700 yards and can probably make a little vest or even a short-sleeved sweater for Carson if I work fast (she is growing like a weed). Yay!

In other news, I've started Trellis for a friend's new daughter. I'm making it in the 6-month size because she probably won't use it until autumn. This is di.vé Zenith on US size 6 needles.

It's a fun knit. The Zenith is very splitty but knits up super soft. I think the baby will like this little Aran sweater.

In health news, I'm improving daily, though I've contracted an unrelated little bug, so it's back to the doc tomorrow. But, I'm sure I'll be 100% in no time!


Julie said...

Beautiful yarn and fantastic goodies! How thoughtful of Alyson to send all those extras. Nothing like some surprises in the mail to make you feel good, eh?

I'm sure that baby will LOVE Trellis; what baby wouldn't? :-)

trek said...

The yarns *do* coordinate perfectly together!

trek said...

The yarns *do* coordinate perfectly together!

ashley said...

OOooo the yarns do look gorgeous together.

Thanks so much for the roving you sent. It is quite fabulous. I can't wait to spin it up. And of course I went googling for her shop after it arrived, she has some gorgeous stuff there.

Thanks again!

Earin Marybird said...

I love the DD tissues! I love the ducks. My friend Kate must have several hundred of them. I'm always on the lookout for anything DD related. I'm also lusting after your Sundara.

Emma said...

Lovely yarn. The colors are gorgeous.