Saturday, May 31, 2008

Made it!

Made it through the colorwork, that is. I finished up the Fair Isle section of the Spartan Pullover:

The rest is extremely smooth-sailing stockinette. I bet I finish in a week. Then I have to even out all these stiches... and block.

To those who thought the back side looked nice and even, that's because I didn't show the first and last rows, which are a bit messed up:

Of course, I can adjust those, because I still have loose ends of yellow yarn I can snug up a bit before weaving in.

Speaking of yellow yarn, there's quite a bit of this (Dune) color left. It's 66 gm, enough to suggest that I'll have plenty of the Madeira to finish the pullover, which is good (I was a little nervous, especially what with making the arms extra long for my dear gorilla, er, husband).

I'm thinking if there are enough leftovers I'll either make mittens or fingerless mitts. This yarn is very soft and very warm.

Reversai is also coming along. I'm really amazed at the coolness of this pattern. Dig the cubes!

I'm off to go see Indiana Jones — second day out of the house! w00t!


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twistle said...

just don't get too obsessive and over tighten them if you do snug them up some!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I like the Reversai in a solid!