Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Too much to blab about!

Not a whole lot of it is knitting, I'm afraid... though I did knit some on the trip.

Thanks for all your good wishes for the travel! I had a lovely trek north to see a lot of friends (sadly, I missed the amazing April, but I did get to see the craft junkie and about 18 other individuals, couples and families. We also visited a lot of kitties). It was crammed, but great. It's nice having friends all over the world but I would like to spend more time with them.

So I'll give you a few random stories and pics today, and there will be more to come.

This was a hilarious sign next to a fountain in Hayward, where we had lunch with my aunt Grace (more of an older sister really):

It's true. They really shouldn't.

Here is Rob being kissed by Chester, one of my friend Matt's cats:

Chester's a real graceful sort:

In San Francisco, we went to a vegan "raw food" restaurant, Gratitude. I went mostly for the novelty (Rob is vegetarian and I'm allergic to dairy, but we tend to eat more conventional food), but was surprised to find it was delicious.

I really did wear my drop-stitch cardi every darned day. Now I have to wash it again, and it has enough pills that it looks years old. But I still love it to pieces! (Er, hopefully not literally.)

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