Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks for the "crazy color" comments

I am growing to kind of like those silly socks. Figures!

I do want to clear up one misunderstanding. Although I am overweight and currently out of shape, I can (oddly) still touch my toe to my nose. So I didn't have too much trouble taking those photos without serious gymnastics. (Getting up off the sofa is another story altogether!)

I'll be offline for about a week (-ish). Going to a wedding out of town this weekend, followed by my sinus surgery Monday morning. It's supposed to take a solid week to heal from that, but I may be dragging my laptop into bed with me before the week's up :-)

I'll leave you with some more random entertainment from our trip up north:

We spent a day at the Maker Faire with friends Man-Ling and Alberto and SecretYarn reader Bex. Among other grand entertainments, there was a 3D printer (I love those things) that PRINTS IN SUGAR. Yes, this "printer" created these:

I'll show you more pictures later; Maker Faire was TEH COOL

We also visited my friend Georgina and her family. They have a lot of sustainable aspects to their home, including solar power and wonderful skylight lighting. They also have chickens:

and bunnies:

And if you're feeling a little crazy, here's where you should go:

That's all for now. Have a good weekend, and I'll see you when I see you...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your surgery!

.: tani :. said...

enjoy the wedding! i hope you get through surgery without a hitch!


Chickens! Bunny! Loco! Could be a poem, what?

Best wishes and keep knitting.

fatloss007 said...

i think sinus surgery is endoscopic one and heels very quickly you will be fine in 1 or 2 days