Saturday, September 06, 2008

Finishitis, Startitis

I'm simultaneously eager to start new knitting projects and eager to finish off old ones. So I'm trying to alternate. Today I made the final push and finished off this little Trellis cardi, for a friend's baby daughter. Doesn't look much like the 6-month size pre-blocking, does it?

But never fear — blocking works miracles and this ultra-soft merino sweater is pinned down in my study right now, getting ready for autumn weather. I'll show you a post-blocking picture in a couple of days, when it's dry.

Yet another upcoming new baby prompted a little design work. I'll show more when I get a bit further, but here's a taste to whet your appetite:

To make it even more wonderful, this will be knit from both Sundara and Terrible YoYo yarn. Both those gals are awesome dyewomen with great senses of color, and the yarn just glows in my hands. It is a serious pleasure to knit with.

I'm still ill — a couple of errands were enough to do me in, today. So I'm just sitting on the sofa and knitting. I figure at least I'm being productive.



That little green cardigan is divine! Love the seed stitch (?) trim.

Knitting is more than knit and purl. It is a calm place that we knitters can visit practically at will.

Earin Marybird said...

...and addicting too. Some days I Just Have To Knit. I'm looking forward to the post blocking photos. Blocking can transform a garment. Good for you for finishing things up.

And get better sweetie!

April said...

Oh Lordy, I do love that Trellis sweater. I keep telling myself I need to make one but who would I give it to? Andy?