Sunday, September 21, 2008

Madeleine is getting close!

I'm pretty excited about this. I did go a little longer than your typical matinee coat, because I loved the look and feel I was getting:

That's still on the needles, so you see a bit of a 'bloomer' affect on the bottom that won't be in the completed coat. Unfortunately, when I bound off, the bottom set of garter stitch flipped up. I tried knitting one of the garter stitch rows with a smaller needle and binding off with that needle, but it still flipped up, so I ripped all 6 rows and am redoing them in a smaller needle. Crossing my fingers it won't flip this time!

After this comes attached i-cord on the front opening/neck, and then something exciting with buttons. And blocking. I'm excited about all of it.

My sinus infection is not so exciting. I'm on triple antibiotics now and still have a dratted sinus headache. CT scans next week. I'm taking everything at about half speed.


trek said...

Looking very cute.

Sorry about the sinus infection - BTDT and it sucks royally. Good luck with the CT and remember that sinus infections really do suck the very life out of you: nap if and when you can.


That matinee coat is just too cute for words! Nice job on the design.

Condolences on the sinus problems. I hope that you can get some relief soon; you've suffered way too long.