Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got distracted :-)

I know — what's new? I cast on again. But I've still only got 14 projects on the needles (down from what, 16 before?) so I think that's okay. Just no going UP!

I had an excuse, or so I thought. Carson's (that's my niece) birthday is coming up on July 10, and her party'll be on the 11th, and I go in for yep, more sinus surgery on July 13th. So I really have to finish her now-traditional summer T-shirt on time. She's turning 4, and I thought a slightly more 'grown-up' shirt would be fun, so I'm knitting Honesty (Ravelry link) by Sublime. Instead of the plain cotton DK, I'm using Sublime's Soya Cotton DK (50% soy/50% cotton). It's a little sheenier, and a little softer, and drapes beautifully. And of course, in deference to a little girl's favorite color, it is purple:

Why do I say "so I thought" I had an excuse? Well, I knit the entire back in just a few days. So obviously I don't need an entire month to knit this little shirt :-)

By the way, I won that beautiful little yarn holder from Knitters for Knockers this year. It's made by Elizabeth Hsu, and if you like it, check out her Etsy shop.

I know, I should be seaming up the Khaki Cables. I had a little setback on that - I seamed up an arm, pulled the seam to stretch it to make sure I hadn't seamed too tightly, and broke the seaming yarn in two places. You know how it is — that made me grumpy with it and I have let it marinate for a week now. Don't worry — it will get done. I have too many other things I want to cast on!

Two of the things on my needles are probably going to be frogged. The fuzzy pink baby cardigan in the bright pink Star yarn was for a baby born about a year and a half ago, now — and I have just always hated the project. Rosminah asked me for a pair of boy shorts and this is perfect yarn for it. As soon as she sends me her measurements I'll frog the cardi and start the shorts. And those Sockotta socks for my mom have long been replaced by a pair I finally finished for her in Fixation. I don't really like how they're going as cuffed socks and I think I'll start over and just make some normal socks. I do want to try out the Sockotta — and maybe I'll try it out for me. I'm so greedy ;-)


Earin Marybird said...

I always feel SO much better when I hear about how many UFO's you have. I'm not alone!

July 11th is a GREAT day to have a birthday - just saying (hint, hint)!

Anonymous said...

Honesty is going to be sooo cute; I can't wait to see it finished (and at the rate you're going, I won't have to wait long)!

Love the yarn bowl - I'm heading over to the Etsy shop now :-)