Sunday, May 03, 2009

I have an idea.

I have a hangover from playing Rock Band (for the first time) with some friends last night. It was a special occasion, or I wouldn't have gone out and yelled for hours, but it was a lot of fun and worth today's uselessness.

I haven't been doing much knitting. My wrist's been a little sore, as happens sometimes, and I know when to back off a little. I did manage to finish the first sock of the new pair a few days back

So I started to have an idea about all this leftover sock yarn (I don't like my socks very tall, and my feet are a pretty medium size, 9, so I always have leftovers). I was thinking about a sock yarn blanket, but the problem is that I didn't actually really love the ones I've seen — I like something just marginally more organized. Plus, I really hate knitting mitred squares (admittedly, I've only knit one or two, but I already hate them).

I thought about entrelac, but it didn't seem like it'd please me either. It's just too many colors all slammed together for me. Plus, I think it'd spoil what's for me one of the appeals of entrelac — the woven effect. I considered alternating multicolored sock yarn rows with single-color, but again — no woven effect. But that made me think of one more, almost too simple thing — strips.

I was thinking that maybe I can knit strips of varying lengths, piecing them together side by side like wood flooring. I could alternate multicolored and single-color, for an overall cleaner effect, or not -- might have to fool around for a little to see what I think. I'm sure this has been done before, but I haven't seen it. It seems like it'd be more pleasing to my eye, and less irritating to knit — in fact, the endless stockinette and small amounts of yarn at a time could make it a really good portable knitting project. I'll have to think how I want to connect the strips — possibly with crochet, as there's a way to crochet strips together to make a fairly nice-looking decorative flat seam, and maybe that's how the solid colors would be used — to connect the multicolored strips. But maybe it'd be better to knit the strips the wide way and just change colors when needed. Hmm,.. decisions. Input welcome.



Idea: Separate yarns into dark, medium, and light piles regardless of actual color. Knit log cabin squares. Maybe always use one color for the initial square, then always go with light, medium, then dark logs around.

Or. Stockinette squares, bordered by and crocheted together with a yarn of a constant color such as black, blue, brown, or red.

Or. Long skinny stripes again joined with a constant neutral color.

Happy knitting!

And it sounds like you have licked your sinus infection!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a sock yarn blanket. It'll be interesting to hear what you decide.

Earin Marybird said...

I was also going to suggest log cabin. That said..I haven't liked my attempts at all though I haven't tried with sock yarn.

I have some amount of leftovers too - the result of having short feet. I also have a friend having a baby and she loves bright things. I was thinking of making mismatched baby socks using up the bits and pieces and trying different techniques. My first bobble?