Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiera's sweater is done!

This thing took over four long months — and may still need adjusting if the arms are too short. I don't blame the pattern exactly; it just wasn't the right pattern for me. Still, it came out cute:

The yarn softened up really nicely in the blocking, and the shape improved. I knit this extra-long because Kiera is tall, and I added to the sleeve length too, but they might still be short. We'll see. (I also think it's too wide for her, but that isn't really a problem.)

I do love this yarn — Naturally Magic Buttons. It's great for kids' stuff — washable and fun.

Just don't try to seam too much with it! Next time: top-down raglan.


trek said...

Have you tried seaming with only one strand or with another (similar) yarn of a lighter weight?

Looks very pretty.

Juli Hincks said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! I love that yarn.