Saturday, April 11, 2009

I /did/ cast on anew

Got a baby to dress, just born in northern California... I'm making her a Provence Baby Cardigan [Ravelry link] using Debbie Bliss Cathay, a machine-washable cotton/rayon/silk blend that just shines. I love being able to use a decadent yarn on a baby — machine wash makes all the difference. The color is great too, not sure if you can really see the 'old rose' nature in this shot:

I've completed the back and I'm about to start the sleeves. (I usually try to go largest piece to smallest piece, to make the last part seem really fast — I play these psychological games with myself :-) .) It's a simple but classy-looking pattern. Can't wait to see how it comes out.

I've finished all the bits of the purple child's pullover and am working on the last of the hemming and seaming. With good luck, I'll finish it this weekend. It's amazing how much faster it went with the pinning trick. I would have done a provisional cast-on for the picot hem, and just k2tog to attach the hem when I got there, but this yarn is too thick for that and it would have bulged out at the seam, probably flipping the hem. So this was really the only way to fly.

I had a pretty nice, quiet birthday on Thursday. I took the day off work and in the morning bought myself a few plants at a favorite nursery. Then I had lunch with Rob. Then I was tired, so I just rested before the Seder at my parents' house. I had hoped to do more, but when you're ill you have to go with what you've got, and I did enjoy the day. The day before, Elinoire brought cupcakes to work, which was great fun and very cute.

For my birthday, Rob has ordered me a cedar chest from an Amish furniture-maker! It should arrive in a week or two. I'm very excited to have a home for my hand-knits. He overheard me bemoaning some holes in some socks and decided to get me the chest. He gets points for a good knitterly gift :-)

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it!


trek said...

Major points on the cedar chest, Rob!

Happy day, Valerie :o)

Earin Marybird said...

A cedar chest is an amazing thing to have. You are obviously loved early by Rob (duh!).

I love the old rose color.

jae said...

happy belated...

your work on the old rose looks so neat with the seed stitch and all.

happy cedar chesting.