Saturday, April 25, 2009

In the mail!

I sewed the buttons on Angela's little cardi this morning and I think I'm in love with my own knitting:

And you know how I feel about buttons. These ones make me really happy:

It was fairly tough to wrap this thing up and put it in the envelope, but it won't fit me :-) I hope baby Angela enjoys it (well, or that her parents do). This is a family that has been really appreciative of my hand-knits — almost every photo they send me of their son has him wearing the cap or sweater I knit him. They are awesome. So they totally deserve more.

I had huge fun last weekend with my house guests — thanks Earin and Becky! It was pretty tiring, I admit, but it was so nice to have a sort of normal weekend for once. I felt really well throughout. (I've had a couple of bad days this week but most have been 'medium'.) I've kept a low profile this week, but I did manage to stop by the button store on my way home, as you see, and my brother came over to hang out and watch a video with us last night (we saw "Charlie Wilson's War," which was rather extraordinary). My big challenge this weekend is not eating all of the delicious almond macaroons a friend baked for me. Life sucks, eh? ;-)


trek said...

Lucky Angela!

Katherine said...

A very sweet and pretty sweater! I like the detail on the front. I must knit more baby sweaters for the new grandbaby expected this week!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm in love with your knitting too :-) That sweater is so adorable! It's so nice when someone truly appreciates the love and work that goes into a handknit item, isn't it?