Saturday, April 04, 2009

Boring Brown Socks are done.. and comfy

Finished these this morning. I used a Dutch heel, which I think is too deep for my heel (odd, because most heels are too shallow for me). But it was interesting to try a new heel.

I did a wedge toe just for the heck of it, but ended at 11 stitches and pulled the thread through all the stitches and tied off, because why Kitchener? I think I will probably stick with the French Toe, as it really fits me better, but again, fun to try a new method.

I used Sunbeam St. Ives 4 Ply Sock Wool, which I stumbled over in some LYS somewhere. Really liked it — very sproingy, and the color is full of depth and complexity. These really are green and brown plied together, and that gives the socks a subtle, changeable nature that I really like. And used US size 1 1/2 dpns, if anyone is keeping score.

Technically this means I can start a new project — by my own rules, as I've finished two recently. And I do intend to cast on for a cardigan for my friend Matt's new little daughter, but I am going to spend some time on another WIP first. More on that soon.

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i just started wearing a pair of socks wih the dutch heel and like them verra much.

Yes, it is fun and good to try different methodsl