Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have been naughty.

Good thing it's not near Christmas or Santa would yell at me! I have been casting on new projects without finishing old ones. There is so much to show you that I keep neglecting to show it all in blog postings. And I won't fit it all in this one either.

One fast knit was this little hat for my friend Ronise, who's undergoing chemo. This is the kind you can wear a scarf under, but it's also alpaca so very very soft if it wants to be next to the skin.

My aunt gave me a beautiful ball of Filatura di Crosa Gioiello that she bought in Italy, requesting I make it into a scarf for her.

Well, 200m of yarn isn't much, so I knew it would have to be lace of some sort. I decided to make Red Skies at Night [Ravelry link], and I'm enjoying the knitting process — it's a nice lace pattern, just complicated enough to keep your attention, but easy enough to relax a bit — but I am not liking the fabric at all.

I'm thinking I need to use smaller needles (these are US #4s) and maybe a more-stockinette pattern, something like a small version of Clapotis. Just not sure. Any opinions? This just doesn't seem like it's doing justice to the yarn.

More new stuff in the next post!


Earin Marybird said...

Clapotis might work but then again I've fiddled with this lovely yarn several times without finding what brings out its beauty. Perhaps finding another skein and doing a more solid/plain pattern?

jae said...

love this scarf pattern....put it in my queue too!
these slouchy hats are in eh? nice.

paolability said...

(I followed your blog link from your comment on mine.)

I'm planning hats for my upcoming chemo. Wanna trade? I'll make you some jewellery if you knit me a specific kind of hat.