Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sometimes the work doesn't show for a while.

I'm knitting, but I haven't got much to show you! Here's what I do have:

Carson's Starsky Jr., supposed to have been done by Christmas. I'm actually further along than this because I've also mattress-seamed the arms, so I just have to plug 'em in. Easier said than done of course. I love mattress-seaming (as you all know by now) but I *hate* setting sleeves. Oh well, I will get around to it...

You are supposed to fold back the ribbing on the arms, which should have meant that I seamed them inside-out for that part (so the seam wouldn't show), but I'm not sure how far she'll be folding them back, and if she keeps the sweater for a few years (she might), she'll need to flip the ripping back down again, so I just seamed it normally and for now, the seam will show. I couldn't think of another way to do it but if I were making this again, I'd do the sleeves in the round to avoid the problem.

I've also gotten 2/3 way through another afghan panel, but, let's face it: it looks identical to the first one. It's excellent mindless knitting. But I do need to get back to some mindful knitting, because the things I've promised various people are starting to add up!

Mostly I've been busy getting Grasslimb to the printer and starting to prep envelopes and labels to ship it out. It's late as always so I want to make sure I'm ready to roll when I get it back from the printer. Maybe you should subscribe?

I haven't got much else so here's a little 'critter' that Rob made out of his Buckyballs. Best toy evah!

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Earin Marybird said...

Love the buckyballs. I had a geodesic dome in my backyard for years in Carmel Valley. I went to see his grave at Mount Auburn Cemetery when I was staying in the Cambridge area (a great cemetery - I believe the first of the "garden" type back in 1997. It's amazing who's buried there.)

I love the deep pink of the knitting. Blog more when Grasslimb is out!