Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another magazine!

The next mag up for grabs is Yarn Forward, a British knitting magazine in A4 format, issue 7. You might be able to see some of the contents here.

To enter this drawing, leave me a comment telling me what plant you expect to leaf out earliest where you live. If you're in a warm climate where it never gets too barren, look for things that start getting lively in the spring. (If you left a comment on my last post you're already entered.) Everyone gets one entry only and I'll do the drawing next Monday morning, March 8.

I haven't been knitting quite as much in the last few days, but I have been taking a lot of walks. The weather here has been gorgeous.



Well, if you mean a tree, it shall by the willow. As in weeping willos. It is always the first tree here to get leaves and the last to lose them . I love willows.

If you mean any plant, then the daffydils have sprung up almost overnight and some have large buds.

Cocoonivus said...

It's hard to say what species would leaf first here in Southern NH. What I see most often is that one day, everything will be bare sticks on the deciduous trees, mixed in the woods with pines and firs that have been green with needles all along.

Suddenly the next day, there will be a mist of bright yellow green across all the previously bare branches.

Spring doesn't really come gradually here. It doesn't last long before turning into summer, either. Don't blink, you might miss it!

Anonymous said...

The first sign of Spring in my yard would be the crocus buds (but I don't expect to see any of those for a couple months!)

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

The first sign of spring here is the daffodils that bloom a little earlier than anything else.

And also, all the vegetables and flowers that suddenly appear at the Home Depot....

I'd love so see some tomatoes on my own porch.

Earin Marybird said...

I don't suppose all those weeds count do they?

The daffodils are blooming, the plum trees too. The peach and apricot trees are just starting to show a little color. My sugar peas have white flowers (peas soon - yum!), and the climbing roses are shiny with new leaves. Aphids should be arriving any minute now.

The heather, some English primroses and one rhododendron bush are in bloom along with the forsythia. The redbud will be next and the clematis. Spring is almost here. Time to garden!

trek said...

Your grass is green: I could be green with envy, but I won't ;o)

PS - The word verification is "purpe". Crocuses are "purpe"-ish.

Becky said...

I'm too late for the drawing, but I was having the hardest time figuring out what was "springing" the hardest around here … until I saw my yard over the weekend and realized it is the dandelions. Spring! Spring! Spring! And we have wind to blow the seeds into everyone's yard, too.

(I like dandelions, actually. They're pretty.)