Friday, March 26, 2010

Buttons, crochet and music

I've been strangely monogamous to my afghan project, which is not what was meant to happen. This was meant to be a project I take out when I'm worn out from more complicated projects, or when I have friends over and can't concentrate on complex knitting. But it's just so satisfying to knit that I've been knitting it straight through. I'm on the fifth out of six panels, and the other day I bought some more yarn (because I won't have enough of the panel color) in a contrast color to put them together with. I decided to single-crochet (I think that's a double or half-double to you Brits) around the outside, using a G hook and taking 2 stitches to every 3 holes on the verticals, 3 to every 4 on the horizontals. The trim yarn is the exact color of chocolate frosting.

I will attach the panels by crocheting them together, then make a wide crocheted border around the whole thing, maybe with some bobbles and scallops for fun. As you can see, it looks like it'll match my couch fairly well (we have two couches actually but neutrals go with both of them). I get a lot of use out of afghans to snuggle up with in the evenings, as we don't like to use our central heat and even in the summer, nights can be a little cool.


I have a beautiful cardigan that my grandmother made. She made it for herself, I guess — but I think it is either rather old, or it was too small for her. And for some reason, though it has buttonholes, it had no buttons:

It's a little snug on me but I love it, so I poked around in my button collection and was delighted to find a perfect match for the blue-and-grey yarn. I've sewn them on (no photo, sorry) and now I have a complete garment, courtesy Grandma. yay.

Finally, I took some time yesterday to work on music and, though I'm not completely happy with it, I finally got this song that I wrote back in 1994 recorded. (I've written nearly 400 songs and most of them aren't recorded.) It's a start, anyway.


jae said...

wow buttons look purrrrfect


Wow! I'm impressed, Ms. Headstrong! Great song!