Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm making a little owl vest for my friend Fiona's upcoming baby. Just like last time, the baby's late and I think he's waiting for me to finish. Almost done:

I've been knitting a vest of my own, but it's miles and miles of stockinette and I'm bored silly…

…something for me to keep in mind next time. It's one of the few occasions I've made a 'product knit' (where I cared more about the end product than the knitting process) and I think it was a mistake. Worse, I think it's going to be too big. My barrel chest means my correct bust size often leads to a garment that's huge in all other areas, even if it was knit with a mere inch of ease. I need to learn to take the leap and size smaller, remembering that knitted fabric stretches. Either that or knit it larger over the bust (which is odd, I'm really not that busty) and smaller over the lower chest and waist.


Karpy said...

I love that owl cable - very clever. It looks great! I finished a simple double-knit jumper in a beautiful jo sharp wool for S. for her big birthday this year and it fits beautifully (more by chance than design - lol! I am soon to try my first cable knit. It's easier than I thought though my knit to purl and purl to knit stitches still suck cos I forget to put the wool behind or in front :-) I'm still such a baby knitter! xoxo to you :)

jae said...

oh wow another owl....looks like a fun knit