Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DANG this is cute.

You gotta admit it. Fiona and James' new baby is going to be a very sharp-dressed boy:

I was really pleased to come up with an embroidery method for the eyes that was both simple, effective, and still child-proof:

I'm still working on chopping down the total number of in-progress projects. I think it was 16 when I first started. It's 14 now. But of course a lot of things have gotten started and finished in between there. I'm letting myself start a new project for every two I finish, except when I cheat. :-)


Earin Marybird said...

Ah, the games we knitters play with outselves. It is indeed, a totally adorable vest. I love the owls so much!

April said...

That's not cute, that's BEYOND cute. Oh how adorable. I wish I had a baby to knit for.

Well no, not really.

Karpy said...

oooh that is gorgeous - I love the embroidered eyes even better than the buttons i think.