Monday, September 06, 2010


I've been feeling slightly bored with my knitting lately and it's easy to see why:

Okay, I admit the baby socks are cute, but you have no idea what a misery they've been. I started them in MAY, and I have had to rip them back about 20 times for stupid errors, dropped stitches, pretty much any stupidity you can make. For such simple dratted socks they have been a pain in the rump.

But really, what stands out about all this stuff?

Stockinette, baby. Stockinette.

Well, you know I like to have a lot of things on the needles at one time. But a lot of different things. Right now, most of the active projects are stockinette. Now, it's good to have a couple of easy-peasy projects that you can work on while watching a complex movie, talking with friends, or just stressed out. But that can't be the only thing I have going.

I think I need to get something going in colorwork, or I'll forget what I learned with my first project. And I've never knitted lace with actual laceweight — only with fingering weight. I picked up the KnitPicks Baltic Lace Kit for myself a couple of weeks ago. And I should always have a pair of socks going — not baby socks.

And not dratted stockinette.



Well, thank goodness you had trouble with those baby socks. Sometimes I think I am the only knitter that fucks up constantly on the simplest of projects. I mean, it is one thing to fuck up something complex, but to fuck up stockinette or a four stitch repeat or some such takes a superior level of retardedness, which I have.

Karpy said...

yeah, I get bored just doing the stockinette and I stop paying attention. I still can't watch tv and not watch my needles for more than a few seconds or I'm likely to drop a stitch, split the yarn or get my knit and purl mixed up :-) Your blog is very inspirational, by the way. I love your socks. I was so excited to finish my first one (after two years - lol!).

April said...

At least it's not all garter stitch, but yeah, I see where you're coming from. I suggest a Fiddlesticks lace pattern. It will either make your head explody or you'll be so proud of yourself you'll think you're a genius. Which of course you already are. But then you'd be an extra special genius.

Uhh, no more Vicodin before reading blogs.

Earin Marybird said...

"Stockinette, baby. Stockinette."

Hey! I know this song! And adding a little lace on the edge does make a nice shawl but it's still StOCKineTTe!!

All knitters know screwing up is part of the deal. Zesty or an easy pattern, nothing is so humbling as finding that despite having gone to college one still cannot count to five.