Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yeah, baby!

Of course, the cat has to help. Or is she claiming this for her own?


This is for the two-year-old daughter of a friend. I'm pretty pleased with it, even though either I or the pattern made a mistake and there was an even (rather than odd) # of eyelets, so I had to skip one. I also am hopelessly unable to make pompoms, so I crocheted these bobbles instead. But I like the bobbles.

I finished another thing this weekend — my "Hey, Teach!" cardi. All that was needed was for me to redo the buttonhole band, which had a little too much slack in it. I need to take some new photos of it to show you — the ones on Ravelry are pre-reknit.


Anonymous said...

Val, that's just so cute! I love your little crocheted tassels.

Karpy said...

That is totally gorgeous! I love the bobbles! Pompoms are so 'last Tuesday' anyway :-)