Monday, February 13, 2012

Coming along quickly!

I'm actually making good progress on the boys' cardis. This one just needs the arms hemmed, sewn in, ends woven in, blocked and buttons:

 And believe it or not, this one is almost done too. I'm just finishing up the hood now; then I'll do the orange button band and hem/sew in arms. The arms are knitted.

As usual, I'm looking forward to button shopping. As the buttons will go on the contrast-color bands, I'm thinking of going with purple, but I'll see what strikes me at the button shop.

Meantime, I've started a project that is going to make me cuss my way into the lower layers of Hell – the corgi from the book Best in Show. Tiny needles, tiny yarn, colorwork (which I am not yet comfortable with), tons of little pieces, tons of sewing up. I must really like the friend I am knitting this for. Might not like her so much by the time it's done. ;-)


Earin Marybird said...

Got to love 'dem tiny needles (and you'll get a lot of exercise picking them up off the floor!

Good to see you blogging again, I've missed you.

Karpy said...

You always inspire me with your knitting projects for other people. It's generosity knitted through wool and infused with love. xx