Monday, February 17, 2014

Good patterns ennoble bad yarn

It doesn't always work, but it did this time.
 I had a skein of very strange yarn (apologies if it was a gift from anyone reading this!). It was laceweight, grey, clearly wool, with tweedy flecks of gold, warm pinky-red, white, and warm green. I felt I should use it for something but I just didn't love it — I do like grey, but my taste runs to cooler-toned colors. And I thought tweed was a bit odd in lace.

Then I saw Anne Kuo Lukito's Weekend Shawl pattern, and thought, why not? It looked like a pretty simple pattern which wouldn't overwhelm the tweedy yarn — and I could always use a little wrap. I had no idea how much yarn I had, so I chose the Medium Lace size. As it turned out, I could have knit the large size and still had yarn left over, but who knew?

I discovered towards the end of the Saturday Lace section that I had tons of yarn, so I knit a few extra repeats of each of the lace patterns. I bound off last night, basically when I got tired. I still have a lot of yarn left, but I wasn't going to rip back and knit more stockinette, so it's done :-) And very warm and cozy indeed.


Anonymous said...

Oh you wicked, wicked enabler! Of course, I just had to look at the Ravelry page for the pattern and now that is another item added to the queue for future knitting!

Beautiful job. I think you made a very good choice in the pattern you chose for the yarn.

Valerie said...

It's a great pattern and knit up quite fast (perhaps not in a weekend, but...). I love the shape, it stays on my shoulders well!

Jen said...

Want to reassure you that I do read your blog still, even if I don't read blogs every day. And I really like the look of that Weekend Shawl - I may have to put it in my queue as well.