Friday, February 23, 2007

Gone skiin'

Yes, I still have a cold, but I am going skiing anyway. Neener.

This is how I feel about skiing (from last time I went, two years ago — I had to take some time off at the advice of my PT because of a car accident):
I love to ski. I only ski on the baby bunny (super beginner) slopes, but I have a fab time.

Anonymous, fear not: I may not understand what you meant, but I didn't take offense.

Everyone: have a good weekend! I'll see you Monday!

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Tim Footman said...

I went skiing once in my life. I did a cross-country run towards the end of the season. The path was quite indistinct, and I didn't realise that I'd drifted onto a frozen lake, which was beginning to thaw.

So I found myself skiing, skating, waterskiing and very nearly swimming all at the same time...