Thursday, February 15, 2007

Googly eyes rock!

What can I say? I love it!

I have triumphed over the novelty yarn.
This goes off to its future owner tomorrow. I'm oddly reluctant!

The Vandyke-pattern sweater (I am not going to call it that!) is going fairly well, if you can call ripping out 12 rows for every 16 or so well. That's because I'm trying to learn how to design an adult sweater as I knit it, and, for example, waist shaping is challenging when you have no books on the subject. It's going to be so pretty, though. Here you can see the diamonds on the buttonhole placket and the Vandyke pattern in the sweater front.

I've been trying to get back to abandoned UFOs, so I pulled out the old cotton bathmat I was trying to make early in 2006 (and, hence, early in my knitting career). At the time, I was using my Denise size 13s, which make cotton stitches almost squeak as they reluctantly move, plus I was just realizing that knitting cotton was hard on your hands. I didn't 'get' the pattern, so I didn't have any helpful stitch markers in place and I was trying to read instructions instead of my knitting, so I kept messing up and ripping out.

Now I am armed with the lovely April's Addi 13s (for which I will forever be grateful), I can read my knitting, and I have some stitch markers.

Things are going much better. I'm more than halfway done and I can imagine this ever ending.

This is good because I do need a nice bathmat.


Alyson said...

hehe! it's gotta be the googly eyes - that certain je ne sais quoi.....i love it.

i hope you're feeling better!

April said...

I love the Vandyke! And I think it's a great name too. What yarn is that? It looks very soft.

Elinoire said...

*Everything* is better with googly eyes. No, really.

That scarf is the bestest.

Anonymous said...

help Cecil help!

Loganoc said...

That's a great orange snake. Are the eyes just stick on or a bit more substantially attached?


It is so cool that you are not a blind follower of every pattern and that you are designing garments. I am impressed with your determination and skill.

One way to shape a waist is to use smaller needles, which will knit to a smaller gauge.

Also, just the simple knit two together and the ssk make nicely matched decreases. Place them where darts would be if you had them. Just a few can make a noticeable difference.

When using a pattern stitch, one can try to cleverly hide the decreases somewhere discreet.

Good luck and very sorry about your grandmother.

Rosminah said...

I love the snake scarf and wore it many times when the weather permitted. Thank you!