Friday, February 02, 2007

Here's the deal...

One of these is going to fit. One doesn't. Perhaps it's now clear why :-)

Incidentally, for those (like Mangs* apparently) unfamiliar with felting, you can felt a knit wool object by shaking it vigorously in hot water (or running it through the wash). Many of us (raises hand!) have done this by accident. Many knitters do it on purpose; that's how Jen created the lovely entrelac bag she made me for Christmas. The wool becomes thicker, stiffer, and, well, felt-i-er. I wore a felt beret as a Junior Girl Scout when I was 13, and I loved it (though I did not much care for Girl Scouting).

I still haven't decided what to do with the big one. The funny thing is that originally neither of these berets was meant for me. But the person I had in mind for them has, if anything, a narrower head than mine, so they can't have the big one. And I want the little one!

What is it about knitting... I would rather knit for myself than anyone else. Sad. Or, possibly just reflecting my selfish nature ;-)

Eine kleine wollenmusik:

This is some of my Webs closeouts loot. I couldn't get the colors right, but the upper left-hand Valentine-y skein is Araucania Magallanes, as is the upper-right blue-yellow one. I think the pinky one will make mittens and the blue-yellow one may make another beret (they're awfully fun). The grey is some Araucania Nature Wool. I bought it because it's practical — I need grey, black, tan and brown cardigans for work, where I wear a cardi nearly every day.

To be honest, I don't like this grey much in the skein. In real life it's kind of steely blue-grey, and it's hard to love as a skein. But I think it'll make a gorgeous Bristow. April is a terrible influence! But, you should still visit her blog because she's having an awesome contest all February long. She's giving away 30 skeins of sock yarn. You know you want it!

I did more damage at Webs, but it won't arrive for another week. Meanwhile there are all the Phoenix/Scottsdale area yarn stores.. I'm heading to ol' AZ tomorrow to party with the Zonies, er, I mean attend a conference.

* My nickname for Mangonelle is proof that I am a fan of a-ha. If you know why, you're probably a fan of a-ha too. We can hide our shameful secret from the world together. Except that I just let it out. Oops.


trek said...

You like knitting for yourself more than for others because

(1) You know how much work it is and you appreciate it.
(2) You have more control over the fit when it is for yourself because you are there every step of the way - including for those midnight I-can't-sleep-so-I-shall-knit fittings.

Mangonel said...