Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A good day.

Mediation training was great. GREAT. Well, it's only day one, so I guess I should wait to evaluate it until the last day. Possibly it was just great to be around no one that I know for a little while ;-) But, I had a great day and then I came home to this:

Ahh. And yeah, Jae, the gardenias smell absolutely heavenly.

Then I logged on to my work e-mail and worked for a couple of hours, including dealing with some less than pleasant issues there. Hrm. I don't think I'm going to frog that sock tonight, do you?

Naw. Just going to sit and sniff this gardenia.


trek said...

so pretty

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous sky!

karenalien said...

Gardenia sniffer!

twistle said...

you inspired me to a blog!


jae said...

beautiful!! and I know it smells as sweet as can be. I just bought a hanging dwarf gardenia. wow that flower looks perrrrrfect.