Friday, August 10, 2007

One down!

I have finished sock #1 and started on #2!

How long did it end up? This long:

Looks like it fits, doesn't it? Ah, the magic of posing. This is why you should never wholly trust posed magazine photos, especially when the model looks like she's going to get a cramp if she stays in that position.

There are two feet of (unstretched) Fixation left. The other ball better have the same amount of yarn, or I'm in trouble. :-) (Actually, I haven't woven the end in yet precisely for the reason that I may have to back out of a round or two.)

Here's the reason I'm unhappy with the fit. You can see the bunching at the front of the ankle, and it's fairly obvious in this picture that I have a 'deep' heel and that the heel, as knitted, is 'shallow.' Again, I could do a 60% heel (make it over 36 stitches instead of 30), and I could go down to an even lower central stitch count (I've already increased this one over Wendy's instructions), but I think my heel is so deep and narrow that a flap heel is just going to fit it better.

Still, this sock is SUPER comfy and I'm going to wear it, at least on the weekends. I can't wait to finish the other one!


Earin Marybird said...

I think Fixation tends to bag at the ankles unless you get it "just right". The sock looks great though. See, learn to knit and after a short while you become such a perfectionist! Good for you!

April said...

See? Even Earin said it? Fixation bad, Trekking good.

Emma said...

Adorable sock. I guess sometimes it's just a matter of trial and error.


Hi, Valerie! - Catching up on my blog reading this morning. Your water bottle holder is great and looks a lot like my crocheted shopping bag that I just finished.

I am with you on non-heel flap socks. I have not analyzed my feet to the degree that you have yours, but heel flap socks fit my feet better. I have even used 66% of stitches and the fit was not much better. Just feels bindy and droopy all at once.

What are those little shells for???

And thanks for the plug for my Etsy site.