Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not much, but some.

Work has been really crazy, and I've come home very tired. This is partly because I'm still learning about my job, partly because I am now supervising very different staff with very different needs, and partly because there's just a lot to do. So I haven't managed to knit much, but I have done a little.

Saturday evening I finally finished the Jo Sharp sofa cushion. Though this picture has slightly odd colors, in real life the pillow matches the sofa well:

The Jo Sharp Aran Tweed is lovely soft stuff, but it tears really easily. You know, like if you look at it sideways, or sneeze. Also I didn't realize, when I knit this, that the pattern for the pillow called for just the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, not the tweed; the plain yarn would have shown the pattern better, but, oh well. I still like the pillow. It's good for hugging.

Also, I am NEARLY done with my 2nd sock of this pair:

Sooooo close. But I haven't knit on it in a couple of days.

I had to have three cavities filled last night -- one in upper right (only a temporary, alas, which will need at least two more visits/more novocaine) and two in the lower left. Today my mouth is just one big ow. It feels like I got punched in the jaw a lot. I am nursing my misery with a huge bowl of Ralston at the moment. I feel transported back to childhood.


twistle said...

oh evil tooth week - I'm sorry dear - I spent monday pm at the dentist discovering I had broken off one of my molars at the root, just above the bone, and I am going to need a titanium implant and a crown, as they can't save the tooth - which will be bad enough, but if my sinuses are in the wrong place, they will need to move them before they can put the implant in! *hug*

Ashley said...

That doesn't sound like much fun.

The pillow and sock looks awesome though!

karenalien said...

Ouch, for your and twistle's teefies. Hugs to bof of you.

What is Ralston? Is that Purina? Chow chow chow!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Bad enough to have to have dental work, but on both sides is just cruel!

The pillow is very nice; gotta love a good hugging pillow :-)

Ooooh, you really are so close to being done with that sock; looks to me like one session and you'll be done. The colors are great.

Kelly said...

The pillow is gorgeous, either way. However, having cavities aren't that fun. I haven't been to the dentist in 2 years. All this cavity talk is making me think I should pay my doctor a visit.

Earin Marybird said...

I was thinking that if you hadn't blogged today I was going to have to come after you.

Poor mouth and tooth. I know just how you feel. New job, new staff, poor Valerie! Hang in there sweetie, we're all pulling for you. Hug that pillow!

jae said...

ohh wow val I just saw your last post. beautifully perfect creamy white gardenia. Me no likey dentist. strong work on the socks.

.: tani :. said...

eh. i HATE the dentist. i so sympathize with you. but at least you can knit in the waiting room, right? your pillow looks awesome...and the sock too!

Elinoire said...

I think you'd enjoy your job more if your staffers were less whiny and more prone to playing nicely together without throwing sand or hoarding toys. :-)