Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bunny thumpers!

Over on KitKatKnit, there's a Bunny Thumper Challenge.

Laila is up for a challenge. Though it's a bit of a challenge just to photograph her bunny thumpers (back feet). Here are my best attempts at meeting the challenge.

First I discovered that a 5" knitting ruler was not going to cut it!

I had trouble getting her to show me her foot in any graceful way:

Success — kinda. Measuring conservatively, 5 3/8" bunny thumpers on this Bunny Thumpin' girl. They may actually be a bit over 5 1/2" but it was awfully hard to tell. She WIGGLES.

Knitting? You wanted KNITTING?

.. Maybe next time.


Earin Marybird said...

I wonder if I could get Ollie to hold still. I doubt it. He's 17+ pounds of wiggle. Laila has very elegant thumpers.

PS I just bought a skein of buffalo yarn for a secret project. It's very cool stuff.


Monster thumpers, they be!

How is Kaila doing, by the way?

Bex said...

I didn't enter the contest, but I was curious, so we measured Gromit's paw. 5¾, or thereabouts. I thought for sure Laila would have bigger feetses than him.

Jen said...

Valerie, you've been a true friend, for all that we've never been able to meet. It brightens my life anytime you post about your latest adventures, whether measuring bunny thumpers or cavorting with Giant Marsupial Rats. I award you the "You Make My Day" award on my blog. Hugs!