Sunday, January 06, 2008

Everything fits.

Happy New Year, all!

I'm pleased to announce that the new rainbow top fits my niece just fine. She came to the New Year's Party in the cropped cardigan I'd made her this summer:

I then gave her the new top and she tried it on:

The next day, she was wearing the cardigan I'd crocheted for her first Christmas — she was only 6 months old then and I didn't know how to knit yet. I can't believe it still fits! It was big then, admittedly, but really...

Extremely satisfying!

I hope you all start 2008 with much good fortune in store and much joy in your heart. If the joy is a little slow to arrive, I hope it's that much the greater when it does. You are all a great light for me, and I appreciate your presence on my blog... it has come to mean a surprisingly great amount.


jae said...

wow val that is a great feeling seeing her wearing it all. Very satisfying indeed. and she's cute as a button too.

trek said...

Adorably cute!


Beautiful little T! She may be able to wear it for years ; )

I think all of your knitting is great.

crysharris said...

The sweaters you made for the boys still fit. A bit short in the arms now, but we still use them.